C&R Haná is a specialized shop for dry food. You will find various types of cane sugars, panela, coconut palm sugar, unusual and common types of rice, legumes, nuts, pasta, a wide range of gluten and gluten-free flours and spices.
We care about the high quality and origin of our food, but also about the affordable price for each of you.

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Our sister company Signatures of Moravia s.r.o. is a holder of direct fair trade certification. This means that we are in direct contact with growers and farmers.
Therefore, we can guarantee a better price for both selling farmers and buying customers. Part of our profit goes to investing in the development of these farms. 


In the interest of environmental protection, reducing the production of plastic packaging and reducing food prices, we sell goods in a stone shop in OC Sfinx by pouring it from bags into boxes, from where the customer gets the opportunity to buy it without using the plastic package.
We therefore profess the concept of goods weighed into reusable packaging, the so-called Zero Waste.
The reasons for this step are ecological and economic. You will save on packaging, which forms a significant part of the retail price of the product.


Our customers are both end consumers, who can buy in our stores in small and large quantities, as well as restaurants and canteens requesting large volumes of sugar, rice and legumes. We offer individual solutions to these.

We meet food quality and safety tests, as well as hygiene standards and standards for the content of food contaminants (heavy metals, toxins, pesticides and others), additives, vitamins and allergens.

We sell exclusively non-genetically modified (non GMO) products.

We support farmers who grow in harmony with the surrounding nature, fauna and flora within the so-called BIOTIC cultivation. A good example is the Ecuadorian Valdez and their "rebird program".

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The recent period has been liquidating for the gastronomy industry. Therefore, we decided to support Brno's gastronomy and businesses during the coronavirus. 

So we have created a guide / cookbook in cooperation with the restaurants, and the proceeds from the sale will go to support the participating cafes and restaurants. 

The book is called Brno on the Heart, Brno on the Language , it was realized by the Signatures of Moravia Endowment Fund, it can be picked up in our shop and you can order it here: